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Delight for all senses!

The Citizen Park

In 2006, the park was created in order to host the first garden show taking place in Wernigerode. Today, the park is named Bürgerpark (citizen park). This 15 hectare large area is comprised of a broad range of more than 60 themed gardens, which you can encounter on 2 circular paths. Visitors admire especially the garden with the peonies bushes as well as the flowerbeds at the entrance, which have seasonally changing blossoms. Additionally, at the beginning of the season, more than 180,000 early bloomers in the park are welcoming springtime.

A minerals gorge, numerous biotopes and ponds allow our guests to observe nature. One can also get a wonderful panoramic sight from our viewing tower, looking onto our wide park area. In addition, the park is an ideal place to relax. Make yourself comfortable on the little pier along the waterfall or by using our relax benches or the beach chairs and enjoy the fantastic Harz Mountains scenery.

Themed Gardens

More than 500,000 visitors in 6 months – this was the result of the garden show taking place in Wernigerode in 2006. About 100 themed gardens and thematic areas emerged from the design concept of the Berlin architecture office Hutterreimann. Their main concept was to convey the desire for an attractive garden design and to transport ideas for one’s own garden. May it be the Asia garden, the farmer garden or the rose garden. The focus was always on the use of plants and on the deployment and combination of special and regional materials. We invite you to go for a walk through our park. Let your gaze wander wide over the surrounding scenery. Enjoy quiet and hidden places, the colors and the smell of the plants or the fascinating interplay between art and nature.

Resting Areas

Enjoying nature – breathing deeply – finding peace. The citizen park Wernigerode is also place of tranquility, an island of retreat and contemplation. Allow yourself to take a break from the stresses of daily life and leave your soul to rest a little while. Several resting areas, which are set amidst the colorful gardens or along the small pond landscape and biotopes, provide an ideal possibility for relaxation. Take a book and make yourself comfortable on the little pier along the waterfall or by using our relax benches or the beach chairs and enjoy the fantastic Harz Mountains scenery.

Adventure tower complex

New attraction in the citizen park: Discover our adventure tower complex with three observation towers, a glass-bottom walkway, two hanging bridges and a tapstone track across the water.


During the season, there are a variety of exhibitions in our park, featuring a broad spectrum of very different genres. However, there is a focus of showing works by regional artists or works with regional reference. For example, it has become a tradition, to present the best photos that were chosen from the annual photo competition by the daily newspaper “Volksstimme”. When walking through the park, visitors might also notice different extraordinary benches, which are set in different spots. They were all created by local artists during the period of the garden show in 2006.


The citizen park is an exciting and adventurous play space for children of all age and a perfect spot for a break from the stresses of daily life. Throughout the park area there is a variety of well-maintained playgrounds for children of all ages. For example, right next to our horse paddock, where our two ponies graze with their young foals, there is our horse playground. Here, children can ride their own wooden horses and play in the small half-timbered stables. And what could be better than refreshing yourself on our water  playground on a hot summer's day? Numerous other possibilities invite all little adventurers to move freely and learn new things in a playful way.

Childrens' Playing Bricks

Our playing bricks enjoy great popularity. Here, children and parents can create life-size figures, high towers, gates, imaginative houses and much more from hundreds of large building blocks. You can find them at the area "Zaunwiese" next to the barbeque place.

Climbing Rock

The urge to climb on things is inherited. Therefore, two free-standing climbing walls approximately 3 meters high guarantee fun and present a great confidence booster for young and old alike. The wall is surrounded by a gravel bed, so that one is well cushioned in the case of a fall.

Miniature Golf Course

Our 9-hole miniature golf course offers a special gaming experience amidst a sea of ​​lavender and roses.  Located directly in the entrance area of ​​the citizen park, each of the greens offers small obstacles that provide a certain thrill. Our course will put you through many different challenges to test your skills, patience and ability. Practice individually or with your group. Mini Golf is the perfect activity and fun for visitors of all ages. Putter and balls can be rented at the entrance (1 Euro per putter/player).

Chess and Mill

Our outdoor chess and mill field invite you to an exciting game together with your friends or family in the midst of nature. Become part of the match by walking across the field with life-sized figures and experience the game from a different perspective.

Horse Paddock and Animal Enclosure

Right at the entrance of the citizen park our ponies welcome the guests. Together they graze with their foals on the horse paddock. A little further behind is our animal enclosure, where donkeys, goats, mini pigs, pigeons, rabbits, Guinea pigs etc. are bustling around. Many of the animal inhabitants are within reach and love to be petted. Every season the park has new charming offspring, who are delighting the visitors. Don’t miss our favored event “Fun with animals”. Once a month, on a Sunday morning, our animal keeper builds up a small walk-in animal enclosure. Here, some of our animals can be fed, petted and groomed.

Area Plan

By using the area plan of the citizen and miniature park you are well informed. As you can see on the plan, the miniature park is situated right behind the entrance/ticket booth. After your journey along the 60 most famous sights of the Harz Mountains you will leave the miniature park through a swing gate. You are now situated in the citizen park, which you can encounter on 2 circular paths. Let yourself be inspired by our themed gardens, playgrounds, picknick areas, natural sanctuaries, animal enclosure, viewing tower and much more. Your planned 1.5 hours visit time might quickly turn into a whole day ... or two ... or three.

The area plan is also available for download.

Impressions from the Citizen Park.