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Experience the Harz Mountains from a new perspective!

The Miniature Park "Kleiner Harz"

Would you like to visit the entire Harz in just one day? The miniature park “Kleiner Harz” makes it possible. In a matter of minutes, you can travel through our park from the Kaiserpfalz Goslar via the Halberstadt Cathedral all the way to the Wernigerode Castle. The cable car of Thale - just as in real life - soars up to the Hexentanzplatz.

The 60 miniature reconstructions of the most famous Harz sites are built on a scale of 1 to 25. They impress by love for the details. Every small windowsill, each tile of the roofs, every decorative element is an authentic reproduction of the original. The miniature buildings find their place in a landscape filled with little trees, mountains, boulders and meandering creek beds.

Railway lovers will also find what they are looking for. Departing from the miniature Wernigerode Westerntor train station, the famous Harz Narrow Gauge Railway winds its way, huffing and puffing, up to the top of the Brocken Mountain. Numerous models of locomotives and railway carriages run on the more than 400 meters of railway tracks. So, the “Miniature Harz” makes the heart of every train enthusiast beat a bit faster. On the construction site “Kleiner Harz”, children can operate a digger or play hide and seek among the labyrinth, which is set within the park.

The miniature park is part of the “Wernigeröder Bürgerpark” (citizen park). This 15-hectare large former garden show area displays more than 60 different gardening styles and offers several unforgettable encounters with nature.

Objects of the Miniature Park

The Kaiserpfalz Goslar, the castle of Wernigerode and Falkenstein, the church St. Servatius in Quedlinburg, the dome of Halberstadt and numerous other landmarks of the Harz region are united within the miniature park “Kleiner Harz”. The 60 miniature reconstructions are based on thousands of drawings and were built on a scale of 1 to 25. Every small windowsill, each tile of the roofs, every decorative element is an authentic reproduction of the original. There is no other park where the love for detail as well as the optical similarity between model and original is bigger. Additionally, plenty of sound columns inform the visitors about the objects and their partially turbulent history. Embark on a magnificent journey from model to original and look forward to unusual perspectives and visual sceneries.

Did you know: at the end of the season the miniature buildings are going to be removed from their place and restored during the winter months.

Development Process

Funded by a municipal employment agency the miniatures were built at the Oskar Kämmer school in Wernigerode. It took about 12 years and a little more than 100 staff members to construct them. The different objects are based on thousands of drawings and pictures. All elements – bricks, windows or small figurines and structures were produced out of PVC plates. For example, the roof of the Martini Church in Halberstadt is made of 38,000 little roof tiles. With great effort the buildings were painted afterwards. With around 68,000 working hours, the castle of Wernigerode holds the record. It is made of 32 single pieces. The tallest object is the antenna of the Brocken with an approximate height of 5 meters; the largest building is St. Servatius Church in Quedlinburg with a surface of 7 by 6 meters. Every reconstruction is unique. In 2009 the miniature buildings were integrated into the park.  Our digital showroom allows the visitors to retrace the development process of the models.

The model trains in the Miniature Park

One of the greatest attractions of the Harz Mountains is the Harz Narrow Gauge Railway. It runs on over 140 km of tracks and serves 44 railway stations in the region. Therefore, it shouldn’t be missing from the miniature park neither. Starting from the railway station “Gernrode” a railbus runs to the railway station “Drei Annen Hohne”. Just as in real life – this station is a junction point. From this point, visitors can watch how the little Narrow-Gauge Railway winds its way, huffing and puffing, up to the top of the Brocken Mountain. Having arrived there the locomotive changes tracks and starts its way back down. There is also much going on at the railway station “Wernigerode Westerntor”. Here, at the touch of a button, visitors can interactively influence the start of the diesel locomotive “Harz Camel”.  And whereas the Halberstädter tram runs its circles around the Dome, the electric “Rübeland train” is moving through the Oberharz at the click of a button. It is huffing and puffing, blinking and moving. Enjoy your time and let yourself be inspired by our interactive miniature world. The trains run throughout the whole season.

Impressions from the Miniature Park