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The citizen and miniature park has been designed in accordance with accessibility standards as far as possible. In addition, the park was tested for barrier-free design and honored by the system “Travel for all” with the certificate "Accessibility certified - partially accessible for people with walking disabilities". 

There are five designated parking spaces for people with disabilities in the car park that is situated in front of the main entrance.  If you would like to come by bus, you can use the 201 bus route (bus stop “Miniaturenpark” – approximately 100 m away from the main entrance) or the 204 bus route (bus stop “Im langen Schlage” – approximately 300 m away from the main entrance). Wheelchairs and hand carts are available upon request at the entrance. The main paths in the park are paved and easy to walk and drive on. They are at least 1.20 m wide. There is enough seating available throughout the park.

The swing gate in the passage from the miniature to the citizen park is barrier-free and can be passed by wheelchairs and buggies. Also, the swing gate at the main entrance is handicapped accessible. Hence, the citizen park can be left by visitors with buggies, wheelchairs, walker etc. after closing time.

General signage in the park is designed in clearly legible, contrasting font. The information about the exhibits in the miniature park is conveyed acoustically (information columns with voice output).

A handicapped accessible WC can be found in the main building (where the park restaurant, the digital showroom and the exhibition-room is situated as well). The corridor in the building is visually contrasted to the surroundings and has tactilely detectable markings. There is a second handicapped accessible toilet available in the “Zaunwiese” area.

Guided tours for visually impaired and blind people are offered. They are free of charge. Please book in advance. Tactile exhibits are available.

Assistance dogs are allowed.